Continuing Education Recognition?

CEU’s in general are a great way to enhance one’s professional portfolio. The process provides printable validation and acknowledgement of the extra learning sessions you are participating in outside of the normal work environment. This can help when you are preparing to move up the ladder, ask for a raise, grow your own personal knowledge of your industry or meet requirement for licensure renewal or recertification.

Many professional membership associations/organizations require continuing education credits (CEC) so that members stay up to date and sharp in their work. The way these credits are earned can vary widely, but most systems give CEC for participation in courses, performing research, giving presentations, etc. Every organization requires a different number of credits to be accumulated within a set period of time.

Most states require certain professionals (for example, teachers and architects) to complete a number of CEC in order to renew their licenses. This is known as Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE). Check with your professional association/organization to determine if the credits offered by Great Lakes ADA Center OnLine Learning count towards MCE.

Some associations/organizations refer to CEC with other terms like Continuing Education Units (CEU), Learning Units (LU) or Professional Development Hours (PDH), but the meaning is the same. They require a certain amount of credits or units to maintain membership. Usually the number of credits earned for an activity is equal to the time spent doing it, but some activities can earn more or less credits per hour.

What is AIA?

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a membership organization of architects dedicated to promoting and upholding high standards within the profession. Membership in the organization requires a degree in architecture (or a technical job under the supervision of an architect) and 18 AIA CES learning units every year for renewal of the membership.

What are AIA credits?

AIA credits, or AIA CES (AIA continuing education system) learning units, are continuing education credits approved by the AIA. They are counted towards the 18 learning units that AIA members need each year to renew their membership. Select sessions of the Great Lakes ADA Center OnLine learning qualify as AIA credits. Please check the schedule to see which sessions apply for AIA.

Who needs AIA credits?

Only AIA members need AIA CES credits. They are used to stay up to date in the Architecture Profession and to maintain membership in AIA. They may be accepted by State Regulatory Agencies as well. It is the responsibility of individuals to check with their state regulatory agency for applicability.