Evaluating Websites for Accessibility

Thursday, September 5, 2019


Access to websites is essential in today's digital environment for obtaining information, downloading data, sharing media, obtaining goods and services, and making other transactions. Many websites, however, remain off-limits to people with disabilities, particularly those with sensory impairments, because they are not structured and coded properly for accessibility. It is important that websites support assistive technologies used by people with disabilities, such as screen-reading and magnification software.
This introductory webinar will cover online barriers to accessibility and explain how to check that web content is accessible to all visitors using standards that apply to the federal government under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. As part of this webinar, the presenters will review key components of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines issued by the World Wide Web Consortium, which are incorporated by reference in the Section 508 standards. Presenters will also discuss common problems and easy solutions and share practical tips for improving website accessibility. Attendees can pose questions in advance or during the live webinar. This session is intended for both a general audience as well as website designers and content managers who are experienced, but new to accessibility.
A more advanced session on website accessibility in the federal sector will take place September 24 as part of the Section 508 Best Practices Webinar Series (www.adaconferences.org/CIOC)

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Bruce Bailey, IT Specialist, U.S. Access Board

Jared Smith, Associate Director, WebAIM