Ask an ADA Professional Questions RE: Parking and the ADA (Part 2)

Wednesday, February 22, 2023
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern Time Zone


This 60-minute session is a continuation of our “Parking and the ADA” session held on January 11, 2023. Due to the amount of questions and participation our first session received, this second session will skip the usual topic overview and get straight into your questions about parking and the ADA. If you need a refresher on the basics of accessible parking, we recommend that you go back and watch the archived recording of the January 11 session on Parking and the ADA prior to attending this session. To ensure your question is answered during the session, individuals are highly encouraged to submit their questions ahead of time via the registration website (the option to submit questions is available once you have registered for the session).

This session will have sign language interpreters and human generated real-time captioning available.

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Nancy Horton, Information Specialist, Mid-Atlantic ADA Center

Jennifer Lin Perry, Access Specialist, Northeast ADA Center

Questions for presenters:

1 Are local jurisdictions required to provide programmatic on-street accessible parking in residential areas? In residential areas- If the City modifies existing non-marked parking by stripping perpendicular spaces to increase the number of spaces, is the City required to provide accessible parking spaces?
2 Are local jurisdictions required to make sure parking spaces are ADA Compliant when new buildings are built or older buildings renovated? Is the building department responsible when permits are issued?
3 If there is a single van accessible parking stall with a side access isle, can the access path pass along the tail width of the accessible stall (behind the vehicle)?
4 For leased parking lots owned by the City, there is a waitlist of 100+ people. They have allowed people with handicap placards to skip the waitlist with the requirement they can only park in accessible parking spaces. Others who lease a spot in the lot can park anywhere on a first-come, first-serve basis. One of the people with handicap plates parks in a non-accessible parking space as it is closer to their work (other accessible spaces on this side of the lot are already taken by those that got their first). Can the parking commission require that those with handicap placards be required to only park in accessible spots since they did not have to wait on the waitlist? Can the parking commission decide they will not allow those with handicap placards to skip the list and follow waitlist protocol like others?
5 If a strip mall has 5 stores and they are no accessible parking spaces and a store moves out and a new one moves in does ADA require accessible parking spaces at that time.
6 For on-street parallel parking spaces with landscape bump outs between say every 4 spaces, how do we calculate minimum number of accessible spaces required? If parallel parking areas left unstriped are accessible space designations required?

Session Questions

This session is accepting questions from registered users. After you have registered to participate in this session you can submit your questions on your Account Manager page. Please note: the number of questions will be limited and submissions will be closed well before the session starts to provide time to prepare answers.