Reporting Clearly and Accurately about Disability

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Disability is quickly becoming “the new diversity.” As awareness emerges about disability issues, there is an increasing demand for respectful and effective reporting about disability in the media. Designed for media and communications professionals who report across a range of media types, this webinar will provide tips that can be used right away, but will also include deeper discussion of disability portrayals.

Part I (30 minutes) will be devoted to five points to keep in mind when reporting on disability. Part II (60 minutes) consists of a panel of journalists discussing their ideas and experiences around disability reporting.


Mary Catt, Assistant Director, Communications, Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations

Dorothy Marinaccio, Business Relations Coordinator, NYS Access -VR

Peter Quinn, Multimedia Editor, Cornell University

Cyndi Rowland, Associate Director, CPD

Hannah Rudstam, Director of Training, Northeast ADA Center

Wendy Strobel Gower, Program Director, YTI, Project Director, Northeast ADA Center, Co-Project Director, EARN