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ADA and Alternative Dispute Resolution/Mediation

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The ADA Regulations identify Alternative Dispute Resolution as a means of resolving disputes. Mediation is one of the methods often used. Federal agencies such as the Department of Justice and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission offer formal mediation programs as part of their ADA enforcement activities that many people are unaware of. Based on the experiences of the National ADA Network many of our callers report that they are not familiar with mediation and how it may benefit their situation. This session will explore what mediation is, including how the process works, how to get the most out of it, the principles of mediation, and quality assurance. Join us to learn more about how to use this voluntary, confidential, and informal process and the role that it plays in achieving compliance with the ADA


Lewis Dabney, Director , Key Bridge Foundation

Lisa Levine, Program Officer, Disability Rights Section of the Civil Rights Division, U.S. Department of Justice

Donzell Robinson, Mediator, Circuit Court of Maryland