Ensuring Effective Communication: Whose responsibility is it?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Who pays for the sign language interpreter? How much notice is required? What language should I put about it in my flyer? Do I have to use a "certified" sign language interpreter? These and many more questions will be discussed during this session. Communication is central to all aspects of conducting business or providing services. Having equal access to information is a civil right yet many people continue to report that they struggle with their healthcare professionals, lawyers, theatres, educational institutions and government officials to get the form of communication that is most effective for them. Business owners and others remain confused about whose responsibility it is to provide communication related accommodations. This session will provide insight into the problems, discuss case law as it has developed in this area and identify best practice guidelines for approaching this issue.


Rosaline Crawford Facilitator for the U.S. Access Board working group, US Access Board