Disability, Aging and Older Workers

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Overall, 15% of Americans ages 65 and older are currently working or actively seeking work. From 2000-2015 the U.S. labor force of workers over age 54 is anticipated to grow to four times the labor force. As people age, they can experience changes in functional abilities such as vision, hearing, and mobility. Workplace accommodations can be used to facilitate job task performance, particularly for people who experience functional difficulties. While workplace accommodations are often considered for persons with disabilities, older workers who have slowly developed functional difficulties over time may not consider workplace accommodations. As the numbers of older adults in the U.S. continues to rise, coupled with the well documented increased prevalence of disability associated with aging, the growth in the need and deployment of assistive technology (AT) will be undeniable. This 90-miute presentation will discuss issues associated with employment among older adults, as well as ramifications related to disability, aging and employment.


Michael Williams Research Scientist , Atlanta VA Medical Center's Rehabilitation Research and Development Center of Vision Loss and Aging